Us and the environment

Here at Shiver we take our responsibility to our future generations very seriously and believe that the ice in your drink shouldn’t cost the earth. We have therefore worked very hard with the Carbon Trust and Environwise to both reduce our CO2 footprint and any wastage of water that might occur in the manufacture of our ice, with the goal of making our ice cubes the greenest they can be.

Some specific examples of what we have achieved include:
  • Dramatically reducing the waste water used to manufacture our products.
  • Reduce our electricity consumption used per bag made by a third
  • Wherever possible, ensuring our packaging and distribution is conscious of its environmental impact.
For more information of our environmental activities or how we did it, please feel free to contact us at any time. Should you wish to look into how you or your business can be more active in helping reduce wastage, please look for the following organisations that give all the advice you may need:

Act On CO2
The Carbon Trust
Your local council website

Did you know...

There’s a big ball of ice in my freezer!

Every time you open the door, moisture is introduces to the freezer, carried in by the air in your kitchen. That frosts up all the surfaces which is why you need to defrost your freezer form time to time. If you bag isn’t tightly sealed, the frost is just as likely to freeze on your ice cubes forming that big ‘ball’ of ice. To keep your Shiver ice from becoming a snowball, fold over the open end of the bag to keep it shut, or better yet, buy some freezer bag clips to keep it completely air tight!

I can't stop munching on ice!

Then you might have Pagophagia! That’s the name given to an obsessive munching of ice or iced drinks!

Why can’t I make clear ice in my freezer?

Shiver Ice is made by freezing running water, which natural filters and removes any chemicals that might be in the water. At home and even after boiling water, these chemicals are still present giving your water a slightly cloudy appearance when you freeze it. They also cause microscopic bubbles which add to the cloudy appearance.

Is it true my drink has more ‘fizz’ when I put ice in it?

Yes it is! Chilling your drink and pouring it over ice will reduce the rate and the size of the bubbles released, making your drink fizzy for longer. Always serve your fizzy drinks chilled over ice for the best taste and quality.

Mineral water Vs regular water ice cubes

At Shiver Ice, we just don’t see the point – why pay a premium price for mineral water ice cubes… when they’re going in a glass of cola?

How did they make ice in the ‘olden days’?

At the turn of the 20th century, ice was quite literally blasted away from icebergs, towed across the ocean to the UK and up rivers to be stored in ice houses. The ice was then move around the city via horse and cart, delivered to chill pantries in the richest of areas.

Vanilla Ice.

Singer Vanilla Ice (real name Robert Van Winkle) is neither made of ice, nor is his song about ice… ice… baby.


We’ve put this site together so you can get in touch with us with any question syou might have and also find out how we make our ice as ‘greenly’ as we possibly can. You might even learn a thing or to in our ‘Did you know’ section.

Oh and don’t be shy! Drop us an email or better yet, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you whether you have a query or just wanna say hi!

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